Teknision is now part of the Synacor team!

We are excited to announce a huge and transformative leap for Teknision.

12 years ago, we started a company based on a fusion of design and software development. In fact, our first tag line was “Form and Function”. Over the years, we were at the vanguard of the rich internet application revolution, we were building mobile applications when mobile was in its infancy and we were providing streaming media services to devices long before things like Spotify and Netflix existed.

Today, we are creating compelling products for consumers on smart devices around the world. To do this, we have created a development platform focused on enriching the Android user-experience. And now we will be able to leverage Synacor’s reach and expertise to accelerate the growth of our platform.

It’s really a perfect combination. Synacor brings content, search, email, and many cloud-based services to the table for our user experience design and development teams to work with in exciting new ways on the burgeoning Android operating system.

We touched a nerve with Chameleon, but now we will have the resources to really execute on its vision. We expect to deliver new products in the future that pick up where Chameleon left off and explore some new problem spaces that were previously beyond our ability to venture into.

We want to say thank you to all of the great companies and great people we have worked with over the years that have believed in our company’s vision and passion. We are very excited to have this opportunity to work as part of Synacor and look forward to sharing the fruits that it is sure to reap.

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