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Dynamically expand your team’s capabilities without the overhead.

A product development engagement with Teknision combines all the benefits of our user experience design and interface prototyping engagements with our in-house development team, becoming a natural extension of our your engineering team - but without the overhead. Together, we envision the product roadmap, build the beta releases and then establish an ongoing support relationship to hand over development to your team.


Moving your business from DVD based tutorial videos exclusively to online streaming is a strategic gamble. To make it compelling to customers, the key is to give them something entirely new.

With the right tools, passive learning becomes active engagement.

Since 2001, Digital-Tutors has been an innovator and leader in video-based training. As part of a strategy to completely re-define their product offering by moving the entire library online, Digital-Tutors enlisted Teknision to design and develop an interactive educational platform. The new Digital Tutors platform goes beyond the traditionally passive e-learning video experience to provide industry first functionality. Users are now engaged with their digital learning experience – with the ability to mark up video with notes, save clips of video, tag videos with keywords and create and share playlists.

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