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We are experts in product development for mobile and embedded screens. User experience has become the defining force behind consumer electronics. Our design lead development process keeps a relentless focus on the user experience and leads to products that customers rave about.

QNX Home Automation Prototype

An device for the home should be as well designed
as the home itself.

Beauty and brains for your home.

QNX, a world leader in embedded operating systems, enlisted Teknision to create a prototype of a next generation Smart Energy Panel. This protoype was used extensively at conferences and keynote events to demonstrate the direction of innovation in the home automation industry. Key messages for the prototype were: rich user experience, integration with hardware devices and sensors, network connectivity and usage of “green” low-power technology. Teknision developed the application using Adobe Flash Lite 3, with integration to the QNX OS and an assortment of hardware.

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