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Inwindow Outdoor Experience Station

“There’s an enormous difference between interfaces that simply get the job done, and those that are a pleasure to use because even the smallest details are so well thought out. Teknision understands these nuances, and their work on the Experience Station exceeded our expectations.”
– Steve Birnhak, CEO Inwindow Outdoor

An award winning, immersive user experience.

Inwindow Outdoor is a revolutionary company, leading innovation in digital signage. Known for taking over entire storefronts to create immersive, interactive branded experiences, Inwindow Outdoor was the natural partner for Intel’s strategic move into digital signage hardware.

Their vision was to create a platform that ties together all the cutting edge technology found in consumer electronics. The result is a new kind of device – a device dedicated to delivering incredible branded experiences in a public setting.

Full of Beauty, Full of Tech

The Experience Station combines stunning industrial design with a 70 inch multi-touch screen, Microsoft’s Kinect hardware, NFC hardware, Intel’s Audience Impression Metrics Suite and Intel’s newest, most powerful processors.

In order to bring this combination of bleeding edge technology to life, Teknision created the device operating system as well as a suite of launch applications.

This project was a truly one of a kind exploration of the use of multi-touch and air gestures in a completely public setting. Currently a pilot project, the Experience Station is a glimpse at the future of advertising where immersive, personalized experiences will be everywhere.

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