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Rapid Prototyping and Product Testing

Teknision is often asked to prototype innovative and disruptive technologies - a valuable tool for both marketing and product management. Teknision prototypes have been used as reference designs for next generation hardware and software. Our rapid prototyping and testing process allows your customers provide feedback while confirm the best solution for your business. Successful prototypes often can be moved directly into an iterative product development process, often saving valuable time to market.


Wal-Mart MusicStation

When Wal-Mart launched it’s online music store, they faced an interesting problem. How to leverage the online store for people who are not online?

Online brought indoors.

As an early foray into experimenting with connected devices, Wal-Mart commisioned Teknision to build a prototype kiosk that would leverage the online Wal-Mart music store to drive in-store traffic at Wal-Mart locations. With the MusicStation, shoppers can select songs from a selection far beyond what could be held in store to create a personalized made-to-order CD and have it in their hands by the time they leave the store. Multiple prototypes were created and deployed to select Wal-Mart locations.

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