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Rapid Prototyping and Product Testing

Teknision is often asked to prototype innovative and disruptive technologies - a valuable tool for both marketing and product management. Teknision prototypes have been used as reference designs for next generation hardware and software. Our rapid prototyping and testing process allows your customers provide feedback while confirm the best solution for your business. Successful prototypes often can be moved directly into an iterative product development process, often saving valuable time to market.

QNX Medical Reference

User experience design is ultimately a study in clear communication.

Critical care data at a glance.

QNX, a world leader in embedded operating systems, commissioned Teknision to design the user experience for a prototype medical diagnostic and monitoring device. This prototype will be used extensively at conferences, sales demonstrations and keynote events. The device combines data from diagnostic equipment using the Bluetooth Health Device Profile and Continua Certified devices.

Designed to be used bedside, the touchscreen device is an easily accessible dashboard of all the data streamed from monitoring devices. The UI highlights critical care information at a glance and provides an intuitive way to drill in to detailed information to aid in diagnosis.

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