Interface Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping and Product Testing

Teknision is often asked to prototype innovative and disruptive technologies - a valuable tool for both marketing and product management. Teknision prototypes have been used as reference designs for next generation hardware and software. Our rapid prototyping and testing process allows your customers provide feedback while confirm the best solution for your business. Successful prototypes often can be moved directly into an iterative product development process, often saving valuable time to market.

Adobe Open Screen Project

The Open Screen Project was created to serve a
growing need for compelling rich experiences beyond computers and onto anything with a screen.

Many screens, unique experiences, one code base.

The Open Screen Project is an industry-wide initiative to enable internet connected interfaces seamlessly across devices. Led by Adobe, the initiative seeks to provide rich and compelling user experiences on any device, anywhere. In order to help demonstrate the value of spanning services across devices, Adobe commisioned Teknision to create multiscreen extensions of existing services. The result is the award winning Finetune suite of applications. Finetune is a broadband music streaming service and
Teknision created multiple versions of the Finetune player, using the same core engine, to allow consumers to use the Finetune service on web sites, on thier desktop, on mobile phone, smart phones, gaming devices and internet enables television.

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