Radian6 to be acquired by Salesforce

One of the goals of our company is helping our clients succeed. Sometimes, we help out a shooting star. Radian6 has been a premier client of Teknision for quite some time and it has been incredibly rewarding to hear about them being acquired by Salesforce.com. (See the press release here.)

In many ways, this really puts the last piece in place for the first seamless modern toolset for sales and marketing.

We live in interesting times for marketers. Often, the first thing someone does when making a purchase decision is head to the internet. They look up reviews and want to know what people are saying about the product. The power of a personal recommendation has never been stronger. Brands can make a presence and try to interject into the conversation, but they risk being seen as ingenuine – a curse online. The best goal now is to try to influence the words coming from the mouths and keyboards of others.

Today, these recommendations, these conversations about brands are happening in a medium that is both disseminated and insular. Discovering where the conversations are taking place, what is being said, the sentiment of the conversation and the urgency of a request is an incredibly complicated task. This is exactly what Radian6 does well, and it’s why social media monitoring has become essential to business intelligence.

Ultimately, this intelligence should be linked to sales. The way to sell today is to become engaged at the point of conversation. Instead of picking up the phone to make a sales call, you now grab your keyboard and become a contributing part of the conversation – become engaged. In order to facilitate this, Radian6 (with our help) created the Engagement Console. Engagement teams are now coordinated and following a proven process that lead to results.

Radian6 has been able to turn the noise of social media into an actionable stream of information. The next step is to connect this to an organization’s sales and customer relationship management process. No one does this better than Salesforce. Salesforce CRM fuels lead volume, sales conversion rates and revenue growth through tools that coordinate customer relationship activities.

This means capturing the phone, email and in-person activities to be able to get strategic data about your sales process. The missing tool was social media. Integration of your social media activity into your sales process is no easy task. In fact, it’s much more complicated than integrating any other medium. It only makes sense to integrate the best and create a seamless product offering.

This is why I think Salesforce purchasing Radian6 makes sense on so many levels. Purchasing a social media monitoring company was a logical move. Purchasing Radian6 was a very smart move.