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Android has become the dominant OS on mobile devices and has expanded to become the OS powering a growing array of consumer electronics. When you are creating products representing OEM brands or dedicated products for embedded devices you have to transform Android at the ROM level - it's not just app development anymore.

Turkcell T40

Turkcell’s millions of customers now have a new smartphone they can call their own.

Powered by Teknision’s Android Framework

Meet Turkey’s first domestic smartphone.

The Turkish mobile market is huge and Turkcell is the biggest player. With over 35 million subscribers, Turkcell felt it was time to build an all Turkish smartphone. To do this, they created custom designs and features for everything from the hardware to the software.

Teknision’s Android Framework was the ideal platform to take standard Android and transform it into something hand crafted for the Turkish people.

Enhancements at Every Level.

The T40 features unique enhancements throughout the user experience. The lock screen contains quick access to the latest messages, emails and phone calls. The home screen features an efficient card screen that gives users easy access to the applications they use most throughout the day. Even applications such as email and the camera contain new features and unique abilities. The Turkcell T40 seamlessly combines standard Android with custom features to create something special.

The Value of Our Framework

By using Teknision’s Android Framework, Turkcell was free to design a user experience without compromise. The framework enables geographically diverse teams to work together quickly and efficiently. With an intimate knowledge of customizing Android ROM components, Teknision engineers optimized performance based on hardware specifications so that the Turkcell T40 ROM runs beautifully on the T40 hardware. Just as important, the framework contains tools and components focused on improving the delicate integration process. The result is one of a kind.

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