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Prototype. Build. Test. Deploy.

Android has become the dominant OS on mobile devices and has expanded to become the OS powering a growing array of consumer electronics. When you are creating products representing OEM brands or dedicated products for embedded devices you have to transform Android at the ROM level - it's not just app development anymore.

To meet a growing demand for product differentiation, we have created a framework dedicated to giving developers the tools to access, control, modify or completely replace system level components.

The Teknision Android Framework has been licensed in North America, Europe and Asia and is being used by OEMs for a wide range of consumer electronics from smartphones and tablets to automotive infotainment.

Rapid Development

Designed to make prototyping, development, testing and integration fast and easy, the framework gives teams the ability to focus on the interaction design and development of ROM elements within the context of normal Android application development. This means building and deploying ROM elements as standalone applications and activities while in the design and development stage but still being able to simply publish to a ROM when it comes time for integration without having to alter any code.

The framework works seamlessly with any development environment and can be used with open source game engines to enable accelerated, OpenGL based motion interaction.

One of the most complicated aspects of deploying a custom ROM is hardware integration. Timelines are razor thin and development/integration teams are often separated by continents. Integration is when the custom ROM and any other pre-installed applications are truly tested together – often for the first time. Our framework provides tools to speed the integration testing and deployment process. The open nature of the framework means that any developer can become part of the integration process, which is essential when any delay is critical.

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